Star, Idaho NEW Assisted Living Home

Bee Hive Homes of Star assisted living has officially opened the doors.  This fabulous assisted living home is set in the quiet community of Star, Idaho.  Owner Joe White brings a wonderful staff with a focus on providing a very high quality of personal assisted living care to the community of Star.  Twayne Walker, Owner of Bee Hive Homes says, “Just because you are from a small community does not mean there should be less demand set on providing superior elderly care options.  To many times the smaller community means fewer options, which often times means a lesser quality list of options as well.”

Star, Idaho is about 15 miles outside the city of Boise, Idaho and a neighbor to the larger communities of Meridian and Eagle.  Assisted living options in Star, Idaho often need to include facilities that are actually in these neighboring communities.  We have solved this problem by bringing Bee Hive Homes assisted living care to Star, Idaho.  Bee Hive Homes offers assisted living services to residents throughout the country.  Our services are focused around serving individuals and not large groups.  Mr. Walker states, “We honestly feel that care is not one size fits all.  Care must be tailored to meet the needs of the person you are serving.”  Bee Hive Homes has highlighted this approach to care in a new video series we call Redefining Care.

With the opening of the Bee Hive Homes of Star, residents in this area will be provided with an option for a very high level of personal care service.  Our home is a 16 bedroom home which allow for our staff to truly get to know and love the residents on a very personal level.  We take pride in the fact that we are a family.  We care for one another like family, play as a family, share as a family, and live as a family.  If you have more questions or would like information on the Bee Hive Homes of Star please contact us now.

Our BeeHive Residents