New Assisted Living in Salt Lake City

Bee Hive Homes of East Millcreek (Salt Lake City, UT) Opens

There will be a brand new assisted living option available in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Bee Hive Homes of East Millcreek will be opening their doors to the public and celebrating the opening of this home with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Twayne Walker says, “We are certainly very pleased to have this beautiful assisted living home opening and we are very excited to introduce our Bee Hive assisted living services into this wonderful community.”

The Bee Hive Homes of East Millcreek is the latest home to open within the Bee Hive Homes franchise.  There are currently about 140 Bee Hive Homes open across the country.  These homes are focused on providing assisted living care is a setting that more resembles a home like environment.  This model was introduced by Bee Hive Homes 25 years ago in order to provide those in need of assistance with an alternative to large institutional care.  Bee Hive Homes typically offer assistance to between 10 – 16 residents in each of the homes.  This allows for staff to resident rations that are consistently much lower than most competing assisted living facilities.  There is certainly a focus on making sure that the staff members build strong relationships with the residents that they care for.  This is how a family like environment is created.

We are very excited to introduce the Bee Hive Homes assisted living model into the Salt Lake City area.   We are certain that Bee Hive Homes will have a very positive impact on the East Millcreek community and become a valuable resource for those in need of care.  This home is owned by Aaron Thornock and Dale Johnson.

For more information on this home or for a list of Bee Hive Homes assisted living services please call or complete the contact form. (801) 341-0622

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