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Elderly Yoga Benefits

Most seniors these days (say 65 and older) are well aware of the benefits of healthy diets and regular exercise.  Many would like to (and many still do) maintain activity levels that they have had for many years; the majority, however, realize there are limitations to strength, range of motion, and agility and allow themselves to slow down considerably.  Slipping into a sedentary life style can lead to health issues that could otherwise be reduced or eliminated by staying active—issues like arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or respiratory problems to name just a few.  Finding an exercise routine that is effective yet “body” friendly just takes a bit of exploration.

Yoga is an exercise that can be tailored to meet individual goals and comfort levels based on age and/or capability.  It targets proper breathing, flexibility, posture, and balance and can lead to long-term benefits including better sleep patterns, added strength, weight reduction, lower blood pressure, and improved mood and anxiety levels.  As you research potential classes, make sure instructors are knowledgeable in the age-related concerns that senior participants might bring to a class.  Yoga can be for everyone, but I definitely believe in “elderly yoga” to promote the positive results most seniors are seeking.

Here’s an  example:  I joined a yoga class in my mid-50s to try and offset the effects of an office job that not only involved a great deal of sitting but was also very stressful.  Several younger workers participated as well, so it was pretty much a generic gathering.  I could keep up with the rest as long as the lighting in the room was on; when the lights were subdued, my balance seemed affected.  I subsequently read an article (some time later) that said once a woman turns 50, she is unable to stand on one leg in the dark.  This is undocumented but certainly seemed true in my case!  I no longer bound out of bed in the middle of the night!

Yoga is an exercise that has endured the test of time and is growing in popularity particularly with the senior sector—some insurance companies will even cover the cost.  Yoga supports the body and mind by boosting physical and mental attributes—definitely worth giving it a try!

Alamogordo – Resident Spotlight

RESIDENT PROFILE: Doris has lived at the BeeHive Homes of Alamogordo since November 13, 2009. Doris has three sons and is a retired real estate agent. She enjoys all foods, especially pecan sandies.  Throughout the day she loves to read and always talks with everyone. Doris is a big animal lover and loves when our neighbor’s cats come to see us.

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Farmington – Spotlight Resident

Resident Highlight: We are pleased to share the accomplishments of one of our residents that resides at the memory loss home  in Farmington. Her name is Teddy and she is 85 years old. She was in another assisted living facility prior to coming to the BeeHive Homes and was a total care resident.

She was in a wheelchair, needed assistance eating, and was not very social because she felt out of place. Her daughter moved her in with us; and with our encouragement and care, she is now walking and eating on her own and is very social with the staff and other residents. She loves participating in daily activities that take place in the home. She is such a sweet and sensitive lady and is very appreciative of all the things that Beehive has done and will continue to do for her.

What Long-Term Care Options?

The Care Dilemma 

Few people are well versed on long-term care options and the role that assisted living plays in this planning process.  The truth is, the decision to choose an appropriate long-term elderly care option is usually one that comes unannounced.  One day mother is living independently and doing quite well; suddenly an alternate care option is needed–and often required.  What is a person to do?  How can an informed decision be made?  Hanging in balance is the long-term quality of life for mother, so the final decision is of utmost importance.

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Start by identifying the problems that need to be solved while keeping one eye on the future.  The last thing that you or your loved one want are multiple moves to multiple care facilities.  Additionally, many elderly residents want to maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible.  Identify those activities with which the resident may need assistance–cooking, dressing, bathing, toileting, or taking and monitoring medication intake.  Furthermore, determine if the resident is a risk to him- or herself, suffering from cognitive impairment or chronic medical conditions that must be monitored.  Sadly, many people resign to nursing homes long before it’s necessary believing that independence is no longer an option with the onset of some of these needs.  We would encourage you to think differently.

The Assisted Living Option

Assisted living is a refreshing answer to the question that asks, “Is there somewhere a resident can go and still enjoy a very high quality of life even though they need daily assistance?”  So many people are unaware that assisted living is an option; and even fewer people are aware that an assisted living environment can be the perfect solution for the resident and family who want assurance that the resident’s quality of life is maximized.  Keeping that in mind, all assisted living options are not the same, and it is appropriate to research each assisted living facility individually.   Before you acquiesce to the nursing home environment, please take the time to look inside the doors of assisted living.   Assisted living, more often than not, can bring a new breath of life into residents as they find an environment that allows them to live with dignity and happiness.


West Jordan Assisted Living – Spotlight

The Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan, Utah assisted living homes have been in the Bee Hive Homes family for over 15 years.  During this period the assisted living services offered at their West Jordan location has grown from 1 building to 3 beautiful homes.  At the same time the assisted living care services have expanded as well, and now include memory and dementia care as well.

“Victor and Valerie Clark are successful because they care.  It is that simple, they care about their residents each and every day.  Not only that, but they care about people in general.  They are just wonderful people and it shows in the care they provide those they serve.”  says Bug Walker of the Bee Hive Homes corporate office.

The Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan is dedicated to high quality assisted living services.  They provide an environment in which there are lower staff to resident ratios allowing the staff and residents to truly get to know one another.  The idea is that care levels are much more effective when staff members truly know the needs of each resident.  By lowing the staff to resident ratios the staff get to know the needs of residents much better.

There is a focus on creating a very clean and comfortable family like environment.  An assisted living home should be exactly that, a home.  At the same time all residents should be surrounded by those who care for them as well as wonderful friends.  It is not long before residents realize that the living environment at the Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan more resembles as family than just a place to stay.

Congratulations and thank you to the Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan assisted living homes for your commitment to enhancing the lives of the elderly.  If you would like more information about the services offered at the Bee Hive Homes of West Jordan please give us a call.

Benefits of an Assisted Living Franchise

For quite some time there have been limited options for those seeking a little assistance with daily activities or those who just need a little extra security with their daily living.  However, with the growing emergence of assisted living, this need is being filled.  In fact, assisted living awareness has grown so much that new assisted living companies are sprouting up everywhere across the country.  At the same time, the sad truth is, many of these company are ill-equip to service the elderly and these assisted living homes are struggling to stay open.

Bee Hive Homes has grown to over 134 homes across the country with a number of homes under construction.  With over 25 years of assisted living experience we have learned what it takes to own and operate homes successfully.  A few of the benefits of a Bee Hive Homes assisted living franchise are summarized below.

Risk Minimization

The process of starting and assisted living business is always a risky endeavor.  In fact, most studies show that over 90% of all new businesses will fail within the first 3 years of operations.  However, similar studies show that over 80% of franchise companies will survive this same 3 year span.

Due Diligence

One of the wonderful benefits of a franchise of any type is the ability to do your home-work before making any major expenditures.  We pride ourselves in working through the process with you to make sure that an assisted living franchise is a wise decision for you.  Potential owners will have access to en entire network of Bee Hive Homes franchisees that will discuss the assisted living business with you.

Proven Assisted Living Model

Bee Hive Homes is certainly a unique business model when it comes to assisted living.  However, it is a proven business model.  A Bee Hive Homes assisted living franchise is a very consistent and proven model which removes a lot of the question marks when it comes to starting in this industry.

If you would like to discuss our complete list of Bee Hive Homes assisted living franchise benefits, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss options in you are.


Care: Means Something a Little Different

Today, Bee Hive Homes assisted living, released the latest video in the Redefining Care video series.  These videos are aimed at highlighting what care means at Bee Hive Homes as opposed to what many others qualify as quality care.

Residents Determine what Care Means

These videos are about residents and what care means to them.  At Bee Hive Homes we would like to think that our residents are capable of receiving the care that they deserve, on their terms, not ours. Too many times care is considered a checklist of items that each resident must receive.  We firmly believe that care is not a “one-size” fits all service.  Instead, we believe care only comes after learning and knowing what each resident needs.

Real Stories

An important element to the Redefining Care video series is that all of our videos are real.  They are real residents, in real Bee Hive Homes settings.  We want everyone to know that Bee Hive Homes is committed to each and every resident that we care for.  This is not just taking place in a couple of the Bee Hive Homes.   We know that this personal level of care and love exists across the country.  We would like to think that every single Bee Hive Home (totaling almost 140) provide this very personal and true quality of care.

Why is this Unique

Lets face it.  The majority of assisted living homes throughout the country are larger facilities.  These large assisted living complexes are often charged with taking care of as many as 100+ residents.  Our feeling is that this kind of setting makes it very difficult for staff and residents to truly connect on a daily basis.  At Bee Hive Homes our staff is only charged with taking care of a few residents at a time.  This allows them time to build relationships and truly get to know what is required of each resident.  Large facilities simple do not have the staffing capabilities to meet this demand.  It is certainly fun to know that we are bringing happiness to our residents by letting them decide how they will be cared for.  Now that doesn’t seem to absurd does it?

Friendships & Elderly Care

Recently Bee Hive Homes released what appears to be a video of a group of assisted living residents gathered around a table to play a game of cards.  However, a closer look at this video is more telling than just a casual gathering of residents.

Friends Lift Us Up

As we all walk through life we do so with the assistance of others.  As we reflect on our own individual lives we can attribute a lot of our success, comfort and experience to those whom we were surrounded by.  For some reason, there is a perception that these relationships vanish or in some way lose their value.  We would suggest that this is quite to the contrary.  A vital component of elderly care services in the inclusion of an environment that includes friends, close friends.  More than at any time in our lives we need friends to give us laughter, purpose and the comfort to know that we are not alone.

Laughter – The Best Medicine

It doesn’t matter who you are.  A good belly ache brought on by laughter is always healthy and maybe even more so for our elderly citizens.  This is that phase in life when mobility may become a challenge, daily activities have become milestones, and nothing seems to feel quite like it once did.  With one exception, laughter, and friendship provides laughter, and lots of it.  It doesn’t matter at what stage of life you are in, laughter lightens the sole and lift the spirits.  At Bee Hive Homes one of our main goals is to create an environment that welcomes smiles and laughter.  Is there anything better than the contagious sound of genuine laughter?

To Comfort the Mind

The end of life is often accompanied by a degree of fear and uncertainty.  The idea that any elderly citizen will spend this phase of life alone is a painful thought.  At Bee Hive Homes we have created a family-like setting in which residents can build strong friendships that often times resemble a real family.  As much as we need others to laugh with, we also need others to comfort our anxiety and fear.  Nothing can offer this comfort quite like a friend that is at the same stage of life, traveling the same path.  At Bee Hive Homes our friendships are certainly real, and vitally important.


Elderly Care : A Growing Need

We are in the very midst of that famous day of reckoning when baby boomers would reach the age of retirement.  But just what kind of impact are we referring to?  Well, let this marinate for a minute.  According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, every since January 1, 2011, there are 10,000 baby boomers reaching the age of 65 every single day.  For those at this stage of life it may bring some questions as to what the stage of elderly care may be over the coming years.

Who Are These Baby Boomers

First of all, who are we referring to when we talk about the Baby Boomers?   Well, if you were to ask me, I would tell you that I would consider them one of the greatest generations, those who gave everything, were tested time and time again, so we might enjoy the lives and life-styles of today.  However, technically speaking, they are considered those people that were born between Jan.  of 1946 and Dec. of 1964.  Following the return of the troops from World War II, families started to settle back into life and have kids, lots of kids, all at the same time.  The result was a population surge in the United States.  This population spike is referred to as the Baby Boomer generation.  These baby boomers have seen it all, been through it all, and they are now stepping into retirement.

The Problem

10,000 new retirees a day.  The numbers are shocking, but what may be even more shocking is the availability of quality care options and the increasing cost of care.  It could be considered somewhat of a perfect storm.  The major factors include, elderly who are living longer, health care expenses that are on the rise, insufficient retirement planning, a lagging economy, and a shortage of quality elderly care options for our seniors.

The Solution

Some people will say that the damage has been done.  That we are now forced to sit and watch one of the greatest generations struggle with their later years.  However, there are companies that have been working with seniors for years and years.  At Bee Hive Homes we have been assisting the elderly for 25 years.  We now have Bee Hive owners across the United States that are available to answer questions and provide care options in your area.  These care options certainly vary from location to location and our Bee Hive Homes staff would be more than happy to discuss these options with you.   If you are interested in care options for seniors in your area please go to our Bee Hive Homes locations page and call a home close to you.

New Louisville Kentucky Memory Loss Home

We would like to announce the ground breaking of the Bee Hive Homes of Louisville Kentucky Memory Loss Home.   This home will be a very much needed service to the Louisville, KY area.   This event was well attended and the Mayor officially  proclaimed it “Bee Hive Memory Care Ground Breaking Day” throughout the land.  Mother nature even smiled on the event and brought beautiful weather.

Bee Hive Homes assisted living services are offered across the country with a focus on assisted the elderly with daily activities that they can not longer independently perform.  Bee Hive Homes Memory Care services are a much needed extension of this care.  There are an increasing number of elderly that are experiencing some level of dementia and there are limited options for care.  At Bee Hive Homes our focus is to provide a comfortable, secure and safe environment for these residents.

At the same time, we want all of our residents to feel that they are part of a family.   All Bee Hive Homes we are focused on keeping the staff to resident ratios very low.  This allows a consistent environment for our residents in which they can build family like relationships with staff members and other residents.  The last thing residents want is an inconsistent setting with lots of staff changes and new faces.  The home should be a place where you feel safe and secure.  Just knowing that those people who care for you, actually know you, know what you like, and the way you want things done.  This is our focus everyday at Bee Hive Homes.

We look forward to expanding our care options in the Louisville area.  This new Louisville Kentucky Memory Loss home will allow more people to be positively affected by Bee Hive Homes assisted living services.  For more information please contact us.


Our BeeHive Residents