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561 Avoca Avenue, Sheridan, WY 82801

About Our Sheridan Senior Living Home

It's rare to find someone who is willing to put others before themselves. However once you do, you want to hang on to that friendship and/or partnership as long as you can. At Beehive Homes we do just that. We value and cherish all the residents and families we have here. We strive to show the up most compassion, respect and care each and everyday. Beehive Homes may look just like any other home but in this home we are family. You will be a stranger coming in our home, but when you leave you will be family. When you come through that front door of our home you are instantly greeted and welcomed by both staff and residents. We make it one of our goals to have you feel at home here even if you're just visiting. Beehive Homes tries to get to know everyone who comes to visit.

Each resident that comes in has a different way of being cared for. What works for one resident doesn't always work for another. We are constantly changing how we care for your loved one. Our care is individualized per resident. We encourage residents to assist with activities that pertained to their formal life style such as putting away clean clothes, hanging clothes, assisting staff with gardening, etc..... Beehive Homes tries to keep a level of normalization to help residents with such a huge change from their homes to here. Our residents enjoy laughing, watch videos on youtube, manicures, socializing, activities, reading, puzzles and listening to music especially the piano. We encourage residents to exercise whether it be taking a couple laps around the home a day or toss and kicking a ball back and forth.

Beehive Homes has holiday events in which we cook a home made meal and get family members involved by having them bring a dish their loved ones used to make when they were children. We celebrate every residents birthday. On their special day they get to choose what they would like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the warmer months we  barbecues several times. We also are able to assist with residents who are on special diets such as lower sodium and diabetic. The residents get snacks twice a day but can also have a snack when they would like one.

We strive to maintain a clean and livable environment. We strive to keep the house, bedrooms and residents clean. Each resident has a specific day each week in which their laundry, shower and bed change is done. However, laundry and bed changes are done as needed as well. The bedrooms are cleaned on a daily basis. You and your loved one can have the peace of mind of someone always being around 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We aim to care for each resident while maintaining the residents level of independence. Each day

We understand how difficult it is to decide what is best for your loved one. Beehive Homes is always willing to help talk about some of the obstacles. We encourage family, friends and your loved one to come look at the home and talk with staff and residents.

BeeHive Homes of Sheridan services include:

-Private Bedrooms

-24-hour Staff

-Dietitian Approved Meal

-Group and Individual Activities  

-House Keeping Services

and Much More

If you would like more information on the senior living services or to schedule a tour of our home please 

Call 307-278-6379.

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