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West Albuquerque February Newsletter

Take a look at our new commercial playing on KOB TV.

Exciting news from Bee Hive Taylor Ranch; “we are all movie stars”. Last week was an exciting time for all the residents and staff, as KOB TVChannel 4 News station came out to shoot a story for the TV Show “Good Day New Mexico”. This story will air sometime in March. We will be sure to let all our family members know the date and time. Residents were filmed doing daily activities like, exercise and games. Several resident bed rooms were filmed during the shot. Residents informed me they felt proud to call Bee Hive their home and said they were glad we wanted them to be a big part of this story. Even Miss Peppie made her debut.

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Check out our Facilities in this Virtual Tour

Take a peek at our beautiful facilities in West Albuquerque. As great as they are they don’t top the personal care we give to you.

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January Newsletter

Weekly Activities

Activities – Weekly Yoga

Yoga any one!

Each week during our yoga classes, my teaching focuses on building strength and flexibility, all from the safety of a chair! increased range of motion is accomplished by stretching the muscles and restoring movement in joints that might have been put into retirement! By moving our joints, they actually become more lubricated,which allows our movements to become easier. It’s kind of like oiling the Tin Man in the wizard of Oz! In short period of time he becomes less creaky, more mobile and stable, and was much happier! I see the same with my residents at Bee Hive; a new found freedom and often

a surprise when they see an arm, hand, shoulder, ankle or leg move in a way that hasn’t for a while! Athlete or not, flexibility is the answer! Sue comes to Bee Hive every Thursday and does her yoga class with out residents, the results have been proven with our residents.

Home Cooked Meals

Home Feel means Home Cooking.

Home-like resident care is not only our focus, it is our greatest asset. Home style cooking is an integral part of our formula for success. Watching the bread rise, the cake being iced, the crock pot simmer, and even the dishes being washed – these are all essential parts of a normal home. Some residents even take part in preparation and cleanup. A cafeteria has never felt like home.

At Bee Hive Homes Assisted Living our people are presented with and trained to use a dietitian approved cookbook that represents the best of home cooking and senior health. The physical center of our home is the kitchen just like a private family home and our cooking reflects the central importance of the kitchen.

Our residents are spoiled with great food prepared just for them. The menu and mealtimes are customized to meet the wants and needs of our residents. Each home adds their own local dishes and specialties to our standard menus so that our residents can continue enjoying one of the best parts of life – good home cooking like mom used to make.


Meals are served family style around the dining room table. The saying that “Cooking is Love Made Edible” applies to every meal in a Bee Hive Home.


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Personal Care from Beehive

At Bee Hive Homes we understand that leaving home is a very difficult time for anyone at any age. Year and years of independence gained over a lifetime of experiences are part of any individual. In many situations that require a move to an assisted living facility this independence is put at risk in order to “fit” into a living situation. At Bee Hive Homes, we have built our care model and service around the individual and not the home.While absolute personalized care in an assisted living home may not truly be possible, Bee Hive Homes does make every attempt to make it a reality. From the home cooked meals that are often tailored to meet individual preferences to the activities that are specific to the interests of the residence, Bee Hive Homes always gears the care to the resident. Twayne Walker started Bee Hive Homes nearly 25 years ago and says, “This level of care only possible because we have established care in a home-like setting. Our staff-to-resident ratios are far less than then large institutional homes, and this obviously means more time to get to know residents personally. The more you know your residents personally the more you can care for their specific needs.” This is something that Bee Hive Homes is quite proud of. From the smells, to the decorations, to the family-like relationships, Bee Hive tries to make that transition from independence to assisted care more manageable.Bee Hive Homes assisted living has now grown to over 130 homes across the country, so there is a good chance there may be a home in your area. If you are interested in finding out more about Bee Hive Homes, or to schedule a tour of one of our homes, please contact us. We would be delighted to show you around.