Thrive in the Hive

Throughout our lives, personal happiness and security are defined by two critical values—love of family and love of home.

BeeHive Homes has used these paradigms as the foundation for its physical sites as well as its operations. We strive to create a home-like environment that offers each of our residents a caring BeeHive family whose primary purpose is to create strong bonds and meaningful memories for its residents.


The BeeHive Homes’ staffs organize your activity options throughout the day. Although we recognize and appreciate your personal time, we want to provide you with choices for a variety of activities to keep you moving. Whether it’s exercising, gardening, interacting with other residents, or partaking in local excursions, you will find every day can be a full day or a leisurely day—the choice is yours. Share your ideas with the staff; they love your input and welcome your thoughts.

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Mealtime should be a daily highlight—a time to which you look forward. At BeeHive Homes you can expect delicious meals offering a variety of cuisine, great conversation with staff and other residents, and a warm ambience that feels and looks like home. Special occasions can be celebrated with family and friends—or with your friends and staff right here in your home.

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Personal Rooms

Each resident at BeeHive Homes has a private room and bathroom. This is your personal sanctuary, and we respect that personal space. We encourage you to make it your own—decorate to create your own area of comfort; although our rooms are furnished, feel free to add that special chair, picture, or etagere for knick-knacks or books.

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