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About our Niceville Assisted Living Home

Our Mission: To provide excellent quality of senior care to our residents, given with kindness and skill.

BeeHive Homes of Niceville is held in high regard in our community. With a typical daytime staffing ratio of 1:5, we give new meaning to the often-used term, “personalized care.” It takes thoughtful effort and time with residents to really know them–not just what assistance they need, but how each resident is comfortable receiving care as we meet personal needs of daily living. Many resident assistants working in assisted living facilities desire to give good care, and at BeeHive Homes we provide the staffing ratio, the professional training, the tools, and the environment to really promote excellent senior care and relationships among our “BeeHive Homes family.” We also know that part of our care for each resident is to be a source of support for families. While we assist with needs of daily living, family members can focus their time together on nurturing relationships. We can’t turn back time, but we can create opportunities for you to connect with each other in your relationships.

BeeHive Homes® of Niceville, is a Florida state licensed Assisted Living Facility– License # AL12000. We are located in the Bluewater Bay area near the White Wilson Clinic. This beautiful 8000 sq. ft. single-story facility is designed to retain the look of “home” throughout. The floor plan provides 15 private bedrooms, each with an attached private bathroom.

Our Environment:

 Our staffing ratio, coupled with our smaller size and open layout, creates an environment that is interactive, social, and unified.  The many common areas are easily accessible and freely utilized by our residents.  Each of the 16 private rooms has a private bathroom equipped with a walk-in-shower, non-slip flooring, heat fan, heated toilet seat, and call button.  The central kitchen is open 24/7 and although we provide healthy and delicious home cooked meals, our residents are free to enter and help cook or bake if they desire.  We dine together at two large, sturdy, gorgeous oak tables that were handcrafted by one of the owners.  These tables are also used for playing games and doing crafts or other activities, which happen daily.

The most important aspect of our facility is the way it feels like a home.  As such, our residents feel comfortable, at ease, and use the spaces we offer just as they would their own home.  This is especially helpful in keeping seniors active, social, and involved in the daily life of the home.

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