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Frequently Asked Questions

I notice that Assisted Living Facilities have Community Fees, what is the purpose of the Community Fee?
Part of our vision at Bee Hive Homes is to have esthetically pleasing surroundings for our residents to enjoy. An elderly person might struggle with limited mobility, pain, chronic illness or even depression and we know that being in a space with beauty and in an environment that is clean and comfortable contributes to feelings that calm, and brightens the human spirit. The Community Fee is used for the cleaning and maintenance of the community’s shared indoor and outdoor spaces where residents, family and visitors congregate and entertainment is enjoyed.
I drove by the Bee Hive Home, and you look like a house.
Yes, we do, and thank you! Careful thought and design has culminated in an assisted living facility that looks like a home, and where people feel at home. We are built to be an assisted living facility, and when you come for a tour, we think you will be pleased to see that this look and feel of home continues throughout the entire space. Although the design includes wide hallways, ADA accessibility and other safety features necessary for the comfort of all who live and work here, we feel this really is “The Next Best Place to Home!”
What kinds of financial assistance are available?
Bee Hive Homes recognizes that financial stability and security are weighty needs in life. There are options available to assist many people bear the financial impact of the cost of long term care. When you come in, we can discuss what resources you might already have in place like Long Term Care Insurance, and share other potential programs that you may not be aware of. Ask about, Veteran’s and veteran spouse benefits and other resources.
Do you take Medicare?
Medicare is a government program that helps cover the cost of medical care. Medicare is used to help pay hospital and skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility expenses but only for limited time periods. Assisted living is not considered medical cost; it is classified as long term care and typically does not include ongoing medical care, so Medicare will not pay for the cost of assisted living. However, when there is a temporary medical need by a resident in assisted living then, Bee Hive Homes and the resident’s doctor can arrange a nurse, physical therapist, or other professional through a Home Health company, and the Home Health Company is paid through Medicare. Medicare Part D can be used to assist with prescription medication cost for qualified people whether living at home or in an assisted living facility.
Do you have kitchens in the rooms?
We purposefully do not put kitchenettes in resident rooms. We don’t want residents to feel like “this is your apartment; stay in here.” We want residents to feel the Bee Hive Home is their home and they can enjoy various private and shared spaces within the home. Although residents can keep snacks in their room, and even place a small refrigerator if desired, our residents express satisfaction that whenever they want something to eat or drink, they can have it. Our staffing ratio promotes Resident Aids having time to remind residents that it is time for meals or snacks, and even escorting a resident to the dining room when needed – all for no extra charge. We encourage residents to come out to meals for the social aspect that feeds emotional need and also encourages eating a larger amount. At times when a resident needs to eat in their room, the meal is brought to them – also at no extra cost – it’s part of our All-Inclusive Rate.
Do you take pets?
We do not have resident’s pets that live at the Bee Hive Home. However, pets can come for day stays! We realize that little animals have a special place in our lives, yet there needs to be a balance with cleanliness, and many elderly simply can no longer keep up with feeding and cleaning up after a pet. The Bee Hive Home is small by facility standards, so pet odors waft through spaces and allergens would build up which affect those who are allergic to pets. It is feasible to overcome those potential challenges when a pet comes for some visits just during the daytime hours. We also have therapy pets that come spend time with our residents.
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