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Welcome to BeeHive Homes of Gainesville

Welcome to BeeHive Homes of Gainesville
The BeeHive Homes care model is designed to bring residents together in a home-like setting.
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About BeeHive Homes of Gainesville

BeeHive Homes of Gainesville, Georgia, is a 19 suite Personal Care Home in a residential setting. We are proud of the quality of living we provide and the caring atmosphere we create in our home. At BeeHive Homes of Gainesville, you will never get lost in a crowd. We offer a smaller senior care setting in which residents get more personalized attention to their care needs than in larger communities. BeeHive Homes of Gainesville is the next best place to home! You can depend on our dedicated staff to remind and assist you with any of your daily living needs. Our staff provides 24-hour assistance and each staff member is well trained to meet the care needs of each individual resident. Our doors are always open to those who are considering a move to a personal care home. It's an important decision, and we appreciate the thought and time it takes to make the right decision.

The Next Best Place to Home

Our Services at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville

our residents at beehive homes of Gainesville enjoy some of the following services

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Quality Amenities and Services
Our Most Popular Amenities

Meals & Dining

One of the most popular activities our residents rave about is the delicious home-cooked meals. We provide 3 meals per day and 2 snacks. Our kitchen is centrally located in the center of the home so residents can see the staff cooking their meals and they can enjoy the amazing smells coming from the kitchen.

We do not order from commercial restaurant suppliers. All of our meals are homemade with love. Our staff eats the same meals as our residents and they also cook it.

Our residents have access to snacks all day at our self-serve station located in the living room. We also serve them 2 healthy snacks per day, along with their 3 healthy & nutritious meals. All of our meals are dietitian-approved. Each resident is served meals based on the dietary orders from their physician.

We have set meal times, but residents have a two-hour window to have their meal. Not all residents like to get up early, so we make sure they can eat when they wish.


Private Suites

BeeHive Homes of Gainesville is a 19 room Personal Care Home. All suites have a private 3/4 bathroom with a walk-in shower. There are 4 suites that can be semi-private to allow two residents to live together. This is a nice option for a couple that is married, or maybe great friends or siblings.

Our rooms range in square footage from 142 sq. ft. to 272 sq. ft.

All of our rooms come completely furnished with independent heating and air conditioning. Residents also have the option to provide their own furnishing. We encourage residents to decorate their rooms with special items from their home so they feel at home.

Residents can have a mini-refrigerator in their room if they wish. If they do not wish to do that, they always have the option of storing their personal snacks and beverages in the kitchen.

Beauty Salon

Bee-utiful Salon

One of the many perks of living at BeeHive Homes of Gainesville is our Beauty Salon services. With housekeeping and meal preparation out of the way, you or your loved one can relax and get pampered in our salon.

Our licensed beautician is on-premises every Thursday.  Residents, or their responsible party, can leave payment with the office manager during their regular visit and the salon services will be scheduled with the beautician.

We allow families to customize services for their loved ones so they have control as to what services are allowed and how often they wish to have them. This way there are no surprises. This is coordinated between the resident, their family, and the beautician.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rate depends on the level of care that is needed. We do an initial evaluation for each potential resident to determine the level of care needed. The monthly rate is based on this evaluation. There are no hidden costs or fees.

Usually yes. There are exceptions, such as when there are safety issues with the resident, or they need 24 hour skilled nursing services.

No, but each BeeHive Home has a consulting Nurse available 24 – 7. if nursing services are needed, a doctor can order home health to come into the home.

Visiting hours are adjusted to accommodate the families and the resident’s needs… just not too early or too late.

Yes, each home has rooms designed to accommodate couples. Please ask about the availability of these rooms.