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Welcome to BeeHive Homes of Goshen

Welcome to the BeeHive Homes of Goshen
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About BeeHive Homes of Goshen

When you age, you will notice your body changing. Things that used to be second nature, like gardening on a quiet afternoon for instance, now has become challenging to do. In fact, many daily things you used to take for granted have become quite a struggle. The decision to move into an assisted living care facility can often be difficult as well. Your primary goal through life has always been to work hard to pay off your home so you can enjoy it when you retire.

Most of you may have lived in your dwelling for decades and see no reason to move. Decades of your life may be tied to the home you live in, and the idea of moving away is terrifying. Even if your neighborhood is safe, many of your old neighbors have passed on or moved away, leaving you feeling isolated and alone.

At BeeHive Homes we have the perfect solution. We know that many times, a move to assisted living can give elders a new lease on life. BeeHive Homes of Goshen understands that change can be hard for anyone and elders are often reluctant to change the way things have always been. Our assisted living facility allows you or your loved one to receive day-to-day assistance with personal care needed, preserving dignity while maintaining a good quality of life.

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Our residents at BeeHive Homes of Goshen enjoy some of the following services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rate depends on the level of care that is needed. We do an initial evaluation for each potential resident to determine the level of care needed. The monthly rate is based on this evaluation. There are no hidden costs or fees.

Usually yes. There are exceptions, such as when there are safety issues with the resident, or they need 24 hour skilled nursing services.

Yes, BeeHive Homes accommodates all denominations in our home.

Visiting hours are adjusted to accommodate the families and the resident’s needs… just not too early or too late.

Yes, each home has rooms designed to accommodate couples. Please ask about the availability of these rooms.