Activities at Beehive Homes of Lafayette, IN

Our staff at BeeHive Homes Memory Care in Lafayette, IN, is aware of the value of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

Individual and Group Activities

The job of our Activities Director is to become familiar with each unique resident and plan functions around their specific interests and abilities. While most of our activities are created for group settings, to encourage socialization, we also design individual activities suited to our residents to ensure their utmost comfort at our memory care facility.

Emotionally and Physically Stimulating Activities

Through our well-balanced physical fitness program, our residents can enjoy a range of fun activities, such as working in the garden, walking with fellow residents, learning new dance steps, taking part in the planned trips and excursions. Having the opportunity to engage in various activities and programs gives our residents the ability to enjoy beloved pastimes while also finding and learning new hobbies.

Engaging in mental exercises is a fantastic way to keep your mind focused on your goals and keep your mind sharp. These activities promote the reinforcement of the brain's current connections and the formation of new relationships, allowing your brain to remain fresh and brilliant!


As a result of living in a highly active home, we believe that our BeeHive family becomes more cohesive while simultaneously enhancing the health and happiness of each individual. Our activities provide the opportunity for residents to connect, mingle, share and laugh each day - which is essential to providing excellent senior living care in our facility.

Learn More

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