Memory Care Services

Industry-Leading Care Services for Seniors in Lafayette, IN & Surrounding Areas

BeeHive Homes Lafayette provides excellent memory care services for seniors in Lafayette, IN, and surrounding areas. Your seniors’ health is our top priority, so we are here to help make sure your loved one is safe, healthy, and comfortable as they face the challenges of degenerative memory loss.

Care Services

Memory care services at BeeHive Homes are here to help seniors handle the side effects and the effects diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and other progressive memories impairing conditions take on their health. We focus on your seniors’ physical, mental, and emotional health with our wide range of customizable services.

Personalized Care Services for Seniors

BeeHive Homes provides several services for your senior from activities, caring for their needs, companionship, and more to make your senior comfortable. For example, we go the extra mile by seeing what your senior likes, enjoys, dislikes, and preferences to make this experience as comfortable as possible.

BeeHive Homes Care Sites

Our memory care sites are 24/7 monitored buildings and have exterior doors that are always locked. We want to keep your seniors safe and comfortable. We have outdoor courtyards for seniors to enjoy a breath of fresh air as well throughout the day.

Activities for Seniors

We want our seniors at BeeHive Homes to stay engaged with and active in the world around them. These possibilities are provided on a structured schedule within their daily lives. Seniors can participate in fishing, gardening, playing bunko with the other residents, or quilting. These activities are essential mental and physical stimulation opportunities.

BeeHive Homes is here to help your seniors any way we can at this stage in their life. Let us make a difference with our personalized care and customizable memory care services. We are here for you so let us know how we can help today.

Contact BeeHive Homes Lafayette

Contact us at BeeHive Homes Lafayette in Lafayette, IN, and surrounding areas to schedule an at-home consultation with our caregivers. Just give us a call at 765-441-2505 or fill out the flyer on this page to start your free personalized care plan right away.