Our Mission & Values


At BeeHive Homes of Maple Grove, we make it our highest priority to create a warm, responsive, and caring experience for the residents and their loved ones, at a place they can feel proud to call home.


Family Home Environment – The residence looks familiar and feels comforting, like a family home. Residents in this environment benefit from the small, intimate setting where the scenery uplifts their spirit, and the compassionate care team knows their unique needs and wants.

Personalization – This component is what makes the BeeHive memory care difference. Our goal is to know and understand each individual on a personal level, so we can best meet their needs, make deeper connections, and create meaningful interactions. It is our privilege to learn about the background, personality, and interests of each resident to uniquely tailor our services and enhance their quality of life.

Quality of Care – All members of the team are selected through a process of evaluating their passion, skills, and experience. Team members are specially trained to meet each resident at their current level of ability and offer activities that build their self-esteem and encourage independence. The commitment of our care team is to provide services that promote wellness, choice, and safety. We provide around-the- clock care with high staffing ratios. The residents are offered support and direction to decrease anxiety.

We are dedicated to promoting dignity and respect in a way that the resident feels valued, purpose and enjoyment so they can live in the moment.