Dementia Care Services at BeeHive Homes of Mesquite, NV

Has your loved one been diagnosed with Dementia? If they have, and you are in search of a loving facility with top-notch caregivers, look no further than BeeHive Homes of Mesquite. At BeeHive Homes of Mesquite, NV, your loved one will have a safe, comfortable place to call home, wonderful staff to support them, and receive life-enhancing care that supports their well-being. 

Personalized Care

Each resident at BeeHive Homes receives individualized care and assistance tailored to meet their unique needs from our caring staff. Based on the distinct capabilities, needs, preferences, medical histories, and other factors of each resident, our skilled care team will develop a personalized care plan. And we will modify a resident's care plan as they advance through the phases of dementia.

Safe and Comfortable Environment

When developing our home, the safety and security of our residents came first. All exterior doors are kept secured at all times, and the entrances and exits are continuously watched. Residents have access to a variety of outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, where they can rest and breathe fresh air.

Engaging Activities

Staying active mentally and physically is essential for those experiencing memory loss. In our community, our residents look forward to can engaging in various daily physical and mental activities.  Whether our residents are spending the afternoon painting, gardening, listening to music, dancing, or a wide variety of the other engaging activities we provide on a daily basis, you can rest assured your loved one will be engaging in activities that improve their well-being.

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