Dining Services at BeeHive Homes in Mesquite, NV

At BeeHive Homes, mealtime is a favorite part of every residents day. "Yum! Can I have seconds?" is a statement frequently uttered during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's not uncommon to hear our seniors savoring the excellent, hand-prepared foods in front of them and eagerly asking for more during mealtimes.

Chef-Prepared Meals

Mealtime is one of life's everyday pleasures, and we at BeeHive Homes recognize that. It is, in fact, a true highlight of our residents' days thanks to our in-house chefs who develop our fantastic menus. 

Warm Atmosphere

Our dining rooms have been meticulously created to resemble those in your own house. As a result, the dining area is frequently the center of social activity, where residents and staff have lovely conversations and build lasting relationships. Our dining area is ideal for our residents to spend their days and connect with others, whether they're exchanging images of their children and grandchildren or discussing the latest news and sports.

Dietary Restrictions and Accommodations

Meals at BeeHive Homes are approved by a dietitian and tailored to our residents' nutritional needs. We are happy to provide particular menu alternatives for food allergies, restrictions, or other sensitivities. Our cooks become well acquainted with our residents' tastes and adjust the recipes accordingly to guarantee satisfaction and happiness. So, whether you're following a low-salt or gluten-free diet, we offer tasty dining options for you.

Learn More About BeeHive Homes' Dining Options

We'd love to talk more about our senior living community and dining options with you. Please contact us at 702-710-0104. We are excited to speak with you!