Private Rooms in BeeHive Homes of Mesquite, NV I

BeeHive Homes always has a private room option available. Everyone requires privacy from time to time, and we understand that. Our individual rooms at BeeHive Homes Senior Living allow residents to rest, relax, and recharge in their own space.

Bathroom and Personal Space

Our private suites all have their own bathrooms. Our rooms were created with our residents' safety and comfort in mind. For residents' safety, grab bars are located near the restrooms and showers. Other amenities and accessories are available in each room to assist our seniors in being independent while reducing the danger of falls.

Extra Services in the Room

We understand that everyone enjoys a suitable room temperature. The installation of separate air conditioning and heating systems in each of our residents' rooms gives them complete temperature control of their rooms. In addition to a network cable and free WiFi for Smart Internet and television access, every room in the BeeHive includes a cable connection.

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Contact BeeHive Homes Senior Living in Mesquite I, NV, for a complete list of room amenities and senior living alternatives. For more information on any of our senior care options, please get in touch with us at 702-710-0104 or fill out the form on this page. We hope to speak with you as soon as possible.