Testimonials for BeeHive Homes of Niceville, FL

Below, you are able to read testimonials from BeeHive Homes Assisted Living's residents, family members, and friends.

Our residents and their families know BeeHive Homes Assisted Living better than anyone else. Learn more about how we are carrying out our objective of providing meaningful care for our residents by reading some of our firsthand reviews and testimonials below.

"Beehive has provided the small community setting that my mother needed. I'm so thankful she is there. The staff are caring and attentive and have done a wonderful job keeping the residents safe while also taking care of themselves and their own families during the pandemic." - Erin

"Excellent care! The facility provides a personal "Home" environment for family members with a staff that really cares for the well being of its residents. Highly recommended." - John

"We are delighted with the activities, environment, and most certainly the staff and owners of the Beehive Homes for all they do to ensure Mom's days and nights are good." - Anonymous

"The BeeHive staff members treat my father as if he were their own family member. Their kindness and tenderness in dealing with him is palpable and genuine, and they have developed a real bond with him over these past three and a half years. It is sometimes difficult to communicate with my father, but the BeeHive staff are always patient with him to help assess his overall condition, and determine if he is in any distress or pain. They are always a comforting presence when they are with my Dad. On behalf of our entire family, I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for BeeHive’s dedicated and compassionate care of our family patriarch." - Dave

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