Why BeeHive Homes

The focus of BeeHive Homes has always been around the concept that the elderly deserve a clean, comfortable home-like setting where they can have and nurture close family-like relationships. With an emphasis on smaller facilities designed to resemble a more home-like environment, the BeeHive Homes model is unique. BeeHive Homes is dedicated to making the transition to assisted living and memory care seamless and comfortable for all our residents.

Almost 35 years of Quality Assisted Living Care

BeeHive Homes assisted living all began in 1987 when Twayne Walker built the first assisted living home in Meridian, Idaho. In response to a very limited number of quality care facilities, Twayne originally built the first BeeHive Homes assisted living home as a means to provide his grandmother with quality care in a personalized, home-like surrounding.

A True Home-Like Setting

With the smell of fresh bread that has been a signature of BeeHive Homes since 1987, BeeHive Homes is truly dedicated to creating the most comfortable setting for our residents. To us, that means feeling as much like home as possible.

The Resident Defines Care

We believe that “care” means something different to each BeeHive Home resident, so it’s necessary that the care we provide is unique and special to each resident. We are committed to getting to know each of our residents and what they feel is important to them to assure they continue to live a full and meaningful life. We want BeeHive Homes to be their home.