Why BeeHive Homes

To provide for a seamless transition, BeeHive Homes is committed to making sure that our seniors are joining a community that is the next best place to their own home. This has been the focus of BeeHive Homes for nearly 35 years. Our assisted living and memory care homes are designed to be small and comfortable while providing the same privacy and security that residents felt in their own homes. This is why we say, “This is their home.”

It Must Feel Like Home

At BeeHive Homes we enjoy a unique and personal approach to assisted living care services. Like most assisted living providers, we offer both long-term and respite care that combines housing, assistance with daily activities, and health care services as needed. In general, assisted living care is designed for those who require a little extra help with daily activities such as medication management, bathing, dressing, mobility, incontinence, or a number of potential challenges.

Each resident at BeeHive Homes is given an assessment at the time they move in and then again periodically as assistance requirements might change. We do take pride in knowing we have created an environment that allows our owners, staff, and fellow residents the opportunity to become a family. Because of each facility’s physical size, the staff, and the orientation of our homes, BeeHive Homes takes every measure possible to provide individualized assisted living care according to the needs and desires of each resident.

We are also experiencing a growing need for those who require memory care or dementia services including Alzheimer’s disease. Our BeeHive Homes approach to memory loss assistance has proven to be very effective in helping our residents meet the challenges of dementia with minimal angst or uneasiness. We would encourage you to contact a BeeHive Home today and discuss our assisted living and memory care services.